Very simply a website is your own little space on the internet (the World Wide Web). If the internet was like a clear sky at night then your website would be one of those shiny little stars.

Our aim is to make your star shine a little brighter and stand out from the rest

There may be a hundred individual reasons why you wish to have a website but generally these fall into three broad categories as shown below: 


This could be a bit like an online diary for all to see. You can post an update as and when you wish, amend an earlier post or even delete one altogther - you are in full control.

Personal blogs have been used by people to diarise their personal lives, post updates on an illness/recovery, talk about a favourite subject be that another person, pet, cooking, DIY etc or even to just post their favourite photos for the world to see.

Many have also turned their blogs into a little money making enterprise by offering third party products (such as Amazon) to their followers and getting paid each time a product is sold this way.


Maybe you have one unique product to sell and want to display this in the best way possible. You need an amazing website to highlight every aspect of your product and provide as much detail as possible - a proper salespage.

Maybe a contact form so potential buyers can ask further questions and discuss bulk orders or viewings. You may even have the option to purchase this product directly via your website.

If it's not a product you may well have a service you are offering. The list here is endless: Cleaning, Cooking, Book-keeping, Legal Advice, Self Defense, Tutoring, Gardening and so on.

What better way to show what you have than to put it all into one slick website with all your contact details and hours of business so potential customers can get to know exactly who you are, where you are and what you are offering.


So your one product has turned into five or ten products or it's time to expand your empire. You now need to look like a professional to gain all the credibilty any growing business requires.

An eCommerce site will allow you to show off all your products in the best way possible. It will allow you to add, delete or amend as you wish whether that be the product description or the price.

It will keep track of your orders and customers at the touch of a few buttons.

A good eCommerce site will always make the whole buying experience as easy as possible for your customers with the payments going straight into your account so you know exactly where you are with your finances.

This is one rapidly growing sector and we will do our best to make your site stand out from the competition.