Do you really need a logo? Not really but it does add a nice finish to your website and/or business. It is a way of branding yourself, your business and any future launches. That said many websites and small businesses do exceptionally well with just a name and no logo.

The one thing you shouldn't focus on too much initially is your logo design. The actual website and domain name are more important. A logo can be added at any time, even way after the website is launched.

If you do end up having a logo then just remember, a cheap logo will make your whole site look unprofessional and a quality logo will only add to your professionalism. If you don't already have one don't worry as we can put together a few designs for you and this service is included on Package #3.

If you go for Package#1 or #2 and require a logo we can design one for you for £50 - just let us know.

We will provide two separate designs and you can then decide, after a few tweaks, on the final one.

Top Tip: keep your logo as simple and professional as possible. Don't make it overcomplicated or too clever. Making it memorable is the prime objective and use colours that relate to your site or product.