Now it's all well and good having a super looking website but what if it's not visible on the web?

What hosting does is it provides the link from your website to the internet; a connection if you like. Without hosting, your website is visible only to you - with hosting it is visible to everyone who wants to find it.

We can take care of the hosting for you and again at a price that is reflective of our whole approach. We fully appreciate the value of your finances and as such offer this service at the lowest possible price.

With our Managed Hosting we don't just make your site visible but also keep it updated with the latest WordPress software along with all plugin updates. Not only that we also backup your site at regular intervals. Can you imagine losing all that hard work!

Once hosted you'll be surprised at how many visitors indirectly end up on your site whilst generally browsing the internet.

Top Tip: Just as a precaution when you are looking at services offered by web designers you will notice a pretty common recurring scenario here which is that most will not mention their hosting fees. Not even in the small print. You may get '6 months hosting' included but that is it: not a bean about how much it will cost you after the six months. 

The reason for this is simple. The hosting charges are extortionate. And without any reason for this too except that they can make easy money.

On the flip side you may get someone offering free hosting for life. Again be very careful. Free hosting usually means basic hosting and nothing else. They will take absolutely no responsibility for updating your site or backing it up let alone just keeping an eye on it. Nope, it's all down to you. If your site gets hacked that's it - you are stuffed!

We also urge don't just take our word for that, go do your own research. Look at the finer details and small print and then come back to us, it will make sense 🙂

And that is why we offer Managed Hosting: Complete hosting service at an affordable price with nothing hidden and nothing added on later.

Also on a side note if you haven't yet found a domain name yet for your website don't worry we don't need this just yet. This can be added right at the end just before we make your site go live.