All our packages include your domain name as long as it is available and doesn’t cost more than £15 per year. Don’t worry most will fall below this threshold.

The only two things you need to decide are what your name will be and how it will end (the domain extension) i.e .com,, .org, .info etc. You can get all sorts of endings these days but here’s our simple advice:

If you want your website to be reached globally go with the .com as this is internationally recognised and sits well with all the search engines. Whether you have a personal blog or an eCommerce site selling all around the world, you want to gain maximum exposure, and most folk assume that website names name will end in .com anyway.

If you want to keep your website local then go with a country specific extension such as for the United Kingdom. This works well if your market is always going to be local such as a hairdresser or coffee shop.

If you still can’t decide either go with the .com in case you end up expanding globally or go with both. Having both means your visitors can type in either extension and still be redirected to your website.

With regards to the actual name remember it doesn’t have to relate to what your website is about but sometimes it does help. If you have a website selling mirrors and nothing else then having something mirror related in your domain name reassures visitors that they are in the right place.

However if your site specialises in all furnishings then a more generic name may work better. A generic name also allows for expansion as you are not tied into one particular niche.

Whatever you decide on ultimately it is good content on your site that will bring visitors not the name.

Top Tip: It is more important to get your website ready first as you can always add the domain name after. Setting up a domain name is a one minute job whereas designing the website takes just a little longer.