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Summer skin problems
During the warm season, the epidermis is subjected to increased stress. If in winter his health is threatened by cold and snow, then in summer – excessive heat and regular exposure to sunlight. These factors are especially dangerous for owners of dry skin. Unfortunately, it is this type of dermis that is prone to premature aging. What influences should be avoided and how to deal with their negative influence?

UV exposure
To a certain extent, the sun’s rays are even beneficial: they stimulate the production of vitamin D, which:

participates in metabolic processes;
helps to strengthen hair and nails;
fights depression.
However, too much UV radiation is very harmful. In addition to the fact that the sun’s rays can cause a burn, they also provoke the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, especially in the area around the eyes. Many experts believe that UV radiation can cause skin cancer. That is why you should not abuse the tan. Before going outside on a hot summer day, it is recommended to pre-cover unprotected areas of the body with a cream with a high degree of UV protection.

In summer, the pores get dirty faster than at any other time of the year. Dust mixes with sebum, which causes black dots to appear on the face. In addition, a thin layer of dust provokes increased dryness, due to which the skin quickly loses its elasticity and softness. To prevent the negative effects of dust, you can only use regular washing: it is better to carry wet wipes with you specifically for such purposes. In addition, for the summer period it is better to abandon foundations, highlighters and blush: everything that does not allow the epidermis to breathe. A thick layer of makeup on the face, mixing with dust, pollutes the pores even more. If you can’t help but color, opt for light, water-based fluids that will not only even out your skin tone, but will also nourish your skin with essential moisture throughout the day.

High temperatures
Heat has the same detrimental effect on the epidermis as frost. However, in winter it is easier to protect yourself from negative influences: it is enough to choose a good oil-based cream. In summer, only maintaining the water-salt balance saves from the heat. You will not sweat less, but the body will not lose valuable moisture. It is recommended to drink clean water, avoid sodas and malt drinks: they do not contribute to hydration and provoke severe thirst.

Care procedures
Skin care in summer requires an integrated approach. In addition, not only the face is exposed to the negative effects of the environment. The whole body suffers from high temperatures, dust penetrates under clothes, and the sun strongly affects the dermis of the hands and feet. Therefore, body skin care is very important. This will preserve her youth and beauty for many years, prevent premature aging and the appearance of age spots. To achieve an excellent result, it is recommended to follow the simple advice of cosmetologists regarding the rules of home care.

The most important step in the procedure. Returning home from the street, it is recommended not only to wash your hands properly, but also to wash your face. This will get rid of the dust that has settled on the face. Ideally, it is better to take a contrast shower: this will improve blood microcirculation, tone up and relieve fatigue. For cleansing, it is better to use natural cosmetics. For example, the Herbalife SKIN Berry Scrub for Instant Skin Renewal by Herbalife Nutrition gently removes dead skin cells and starts the process of cell renewal. Nutrient components that make up the product saturate the skin with useful substances. Soft abrasive particles made from natural ingredients provide a light massage that stimulates blood and lymph microcirculation. In addition, you can use home remedies for an extra effect: wipe the skin with frozen cubes of decoction of chamomile, mint or calendula. This will help in cleansing, narrow pores and relieve inflammation.

Facial skin care requires regular nourishing procedures, especially in the warm season, when the dermis dries. We are talking not only about moisturizing creams, but also about special serums and fluids that saturate tissues with essential nutrients. At home, you can make masks based on any cosmetic oils: it is better to apply them in the evening, after blotting your face with a napkin before going to bed. If you’re looking for professional dry skin care, check out Herbalife SKIN Renewing Night Cream from Herbalife Nutrition. It is suitable for any skin type, and in combination with other preparations of the line, it can demonstrate excellent results after a week of regular use. An additional plus is that the cream is perfectly absorbed, so you won’t stain your pillow while you sleep. The vitamins and plant extracts included in the composition can help smooth wrinkles and fight age-related skin changes.

An important stage of care, which is aimed at maintaining skin turgor. Tonics penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis